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Our Business Code of Conduct

Any business to be acquired by our company shall be subject to our following business principles:

  1. Our managing director on whose name of Government of Pakistan has granted the license for the purpose of manpower recruitment shall be competent authority of sign, negotiate and approve business contracts and correspondence related therewith which might in any way affect the cost or the performance of the obligations on behalf of our company.

  2. No person shall be authorized to deal business on behalf of our company unless he is authorized in writing by the managing director.

  3. Whenever the contract agreement with a foreign employer for the recruitment of Pakistan manpower is finalized, our company shall provide a list of its management staff with their duties for the purpose of co-ordination of business between our company and the employers abroad.

  4. Any proposal, tender, quotation and agreement regarding recruitment of Pakistani manpower and their movements out of Pakistan negotiated / offered to a foreign employer must confirm with the provision of Pakistan Immigration Ordinance 1979 and the rules framed thereunder.

  5. Upon receipt of the letter of intent from foreign employer our company shall provide government rules and regulation applicable on the manpower movement out of Pakistan for the purpose of employment and on reciprocal basis our company may ask the foreign employer to provide the contents of labor law applicable on employment of foreign workers in the country of work.

  6. It is not our policy to deviate or later any of provisions of Government policy applied for manpower movement out of country. However, any adjustment/alteration to the existing provision. If may be required by the foreign employer the same shall be referred to approval from our government.

  7. Unless it is specified, all the proposals and tenders submitted by our company shall remain in force for 90-days and thereafter requires our reconfirmation.

  8. All question are regards to the wage scales of Pakistani manpower shall be in the local currency of the country of work or converted in US $. The proposed wage scales of the required manpower shall be submitted on demand.

  9. All service charges and commission of the recruitment of Pakistani manpower shall be quoted in US $ only.

  10. If a foreign employer is already working with on the Pakistani companies on the same project it shall not be our policy to accept any business from the same project unless the employer decides to improve the quality of manpower and services or to split up the recruitment program to the more than one sources with due consent of existing Pakistani company supplying manpower on the same projects.

  11. Our company shall not accept any demand for recruitment of manpower if the terms & conditions offered by a foreign employer does not conform to the conditions laid down by our government for recruitment of manpower to work abroad.

  12. Our company is ready to furnish performance bonds equal to the amount of one way air ticket from Karachi/Lahore Pakistan to the place of work of the total number of workers to be recruited by the foreign employer. This performance bond shall have the approval of our government and shall be arranged with a foreign bank to be nominated by our client abroad.

  13. It is our policy that we do not charge any money from the recruited workers except the fee prescribed by our government.

  14. We maintain a close co-ordination with the employer abroad for settlement of day to day problems, if any arise out of the Pakistani manpower supplied by us.

  15. We provide all facilities to our clients abroad to send one of their representatives to assist us in the final selection of manpower. Our company shall bear the expenses except air ticket from and to, if number of workers to be recruited exceed 50.

  16. We provide replacement of rejected workers if selected by us and bear the cost of repatriation, if such unqualified workers, repatriated within 90-days from the date of arrival on worksite. However, if the employer has a vacancy to absorb a worker on a lower salary and on a lower job, provided it is acceptable to the employee, employer shall not repatriate a worker after reclassifying the employee and amending his Foreign Service Agreement accordingly.

  17. Our company charge a recruitment commission and service charges as to be agreed between our company and the employer abroad.

  18. Our company may ask the employer for concluding a contract agreement containing the terms & conditions for recruitment of manpower as agreed between our company and the employer abroad.

  19. The employer shall issue a power of Attorney in the name of the managing director/general manager of our company authorize him to start the recruitment of manpower. This power of attorney must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of work and Pakistan mission in that country.

  20. The employer shall issue a letter of demand of the required manpower to be recruited from Pakistan indicating the number of vacancies to be filled, classification of the workers to be recruited, rate of pay, qualification of worker, duration of contract and facilities to be provided to Pakistani manpower on site and other terms & conditions.

  21. Our company may submit to the employer abroad for his approval a draft of the foreign service agreement to be signed between employee and the employer and legalized by the protector of immigrants, Government of Pakistan.

  22. Our company may ask the employer abroad for transfer of funds which may be required for purchase of flight tickets for recruited workers.

  23. The employer shall be required to provide, maintain and operate camp and its ancillary facilities such as toilet, shower, recreation hall, dining room, messing and laundry services, first aid for the Pakistani manpower near the worksite and also to provide daily transportation services to and from camp and job-site.

  24. The employer shall be required to maintain labor office as to be proposed by our company for interpretation and settlement of claims and problems raised by the workers, for obtaining exit visas or any other permit required for repatriation of any worker and give assistance in local affairs of the labor camp.

  25. It is understood that Pakistani manpower recruited by our company on behalf of the employer abroad shall be on straight working hours i.e. 8-hours a day, 48 hours a week. Overtime work and days off shall be determined and calculated as per labor laws of the country of work.

  26. It is also understood that annual leave, production bonus, if any shall be determined and calculated by the employer based on local labor laws.

  27. Our company reserves the right to ask the employer to repatriate any of the workers who brings the bad name to our company and country and proves to the harmful to his colleagues on the site of work.

  28. Any other points regarding manpower recruitment for overseas employment not included herein can be clarified mutually between our company and employer abroad.

  29. Separate proposals for the manpower who shall be seconded to you and upon them we exercise the administrative and management control on the site can be furnished if so desired.

  30. If it is understood that the employer shall arrange transfer of entry visa to the respective embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan for the total number of workers to be recruited from Pakistan.

  31. Our commission and service charges for direct recruitment of manpower depends on the volume of business and shall be negotiated at the time of placing you order to our company.

  32. Commission and service charges for the manpower to be seconded shall be intimated separately if so desired.

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